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Our History

Our journey began in 2004 when Vance Kirkebak founded Complete Agronomy Solutions, driven by a vision to provide consulting services to local growers. With a focus on optimizing farming practices and enhancing crop health, Complete Agronomy quickly gained recognition for its innovative solutions.

In 2013, Craig Marsh joined the business, bringing a wealth of expertise and contributing to our growth strategy. His involvement led to the expansion of our presence, culminating in the establishment of a new location in Fordyce, NE. This expansion not only broadened our reach but also strengthened our ability to serve farmers in the region.

A significant milestone in our history occurred in 2019 when Complete Agronomy Solutions was acquired by Nutrien Ag Solutions, a leading global provider of agricultural products and services. This partnership marked a new chapter for us, allowing access to enhanced resources, cutting-edge technologies, and a broader network of agricultural experts.

Building on this momentum, in 2023, Complete Agronomy expanded further with the addition of a new location in Dunlap, Iowa. This expansion reflects our commitment to serving farmers and growers across diverse regions, offering tailored solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Today, as part of Nutrien Ag Solutions, Complete Agronomy continues to thrive, leveraging our collective expertise, innovative approaches, and dedication to sustainable farming practices. We remain steadfast in our mission to empower farmers, optimize crop yields, and drive agricultural excellence for a brighter, more sustainable future.